Sunday, May 13, 2012

wmcfw: vawk, vawkkin, cara cheung fall/winter 2012


cara cheung

a mixed post because i wasn't really inspired by VAWK's new sister label VAWKKIN to take many photos, and studio shows are a pain to try and photograph when you're neither front row nor in the photo pit.

i did enjoy VAWK, with my favourite ensembles akin to a ninja warrior going for a cocktail (and that's right up my alley of interests). VAWKKIN, however, was a different story entirely. geared toward the professional woman who wants to transition from office to after work cocktails (says the website), i felt like it lacked a special something to make it worthy of being an addition to someone's wardrobe. the new line also employed "real" women to walk the runway in these looks, but some fit better than others..

i really liked cara cheung's collection of cocktail dresses, though obviously none of them are pictured. they went great with the faux cornrow hairstyle all the models got, and i'm hoping to perfect that look by summer. also pictured is a front row-er with the best studded shoulder capelet/caps (anyone know where it's from?), and the strangest sight i've ever seen: someone with their earbuds in, listening to music, as the show was going. so bizarre. i don't even know what to make of it. (also hey, jay!)


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