Sunday, May 13, 2012

wmcfw: LINE knitwear fall/winter 2012

front row darlings @BeeLauraTee @chrisjallaire @worldof4's Melissa & Alessia

LINE is always my favourite show during fashion week, especially their fall/winter collections. they have the best patterns, best cuts, and nothing beats seeing knitwear have the ability to drape and flow, as opposed to frumpy and "well, it keeps me warm."

i've always been a little puzzled as how to wear super thick, long sweaters in the winter (the problem being it's not warm enough to just wear the knit, and i can never fit through the armholes of my jackets when wearing oversized, drapey sweaters) but problem solved! wrap it over my leather jacket and let it be one beautiful, black waterfall of warmness. i really don't know how i never thought of that.. like when it was actually sweater season..

maybe instead of saving up for a new camera or whatever, i'll just save up for some LINE sweaters. priorities!

on a personal note: was offered admission to ryerson's fashion communication program, and accepted! yay for new experiences and graduating a year later than my original graduating class. maybe i'll do a blog post about first year in photography (also at ryerson) or something like that, and why i decided to leave. would anyone be interested? haha.


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