Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wmcfw: rudsak fall/winter 2012

all black everything (with touches of brown and two toffee-coloured puffers) at rudsak in both leather and fur was truly a beautiful sight to see, reinforcing my desire to just wear black always into one neat collection. it's collections like this that make me not mind winter as much, but then the brutal reality of ice-cold winds and the fact that i can't wear shorts hits me and i go back to hating it.

and that's a wrap with my toronto/world mastercard fashion week photo vomits! sort of. next post will truly finish it up with some personal snaps and photos of ~what i wore~. i also got a chance to attend |FAT|  for the first time which was fun and totally exhausting, but i'll make those photo vomits less brutal by only dedicating one or two posts to it.

but at least i'm posting!


Monday, May 14, 2012

wmcfw: mélissa nepton fall/winter 2012

loved this collection, the first i've seen from montreal designer mélissa nepton. it was a great blend of chunky winter essentials with a twist (those crazy hoods/snoods/whatevers) and lighter, brighter indoor-ensembles, great for that awkward transition into colder weather and bringing it forward into the spring after. the colour palette was my favourite.. blacks and greys, contrasted by the whites/off-whites and aqua (though they did sort of remind me of aritzia...). very impressed, and probably one of the only collections that used the "collar" in a good way.

i've only got one more show to photo vomit about: rudsak! stay tuned :)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

wmcfw: LINE knitwear fall/winter 2012

front row darlings @BeeLauraTee @chrisjallaire @worldof4's Melissa & Alessia

LINE is always my favourite show during fashion week, especially their fall/winter collections. they have the best patterns, best cuts, and nothing beats seeing knitwear have the ability to drape and flow, as opposed to frumpy and "well, it keeps me warm."

i've always been a little puzzled as how to wear super thick, long sweaters in the winter (the problem being it's not warm enough to just wear the knit, and i can never fit through the armholes of my jackets when wearing oversized, drapey sweaters) but problem solved! wrap it over my leather jacket and let it be one beautiful, black waterfall of warmness. i really don't know how i never thought of that.. like when it was actually sweater season..

maybe instead of saving up for a new camera or whatever, i'll just save up for some LINE sweaters. priorities!

on a personal note: was offered admission to ryerson's fashion communication program, and accepted! yay for new experiences and graduating a year later than my original graduating class. maybe i'll do a blog post about first year in photography (also at ryerson) or something like that, and why i decided to leave. would anyone be interested? haha.


wmcfw: vawk, vawkkin, cara cheung fall/winter 2012


cara cheung

a mixed post because i wasn't really inspired by VAWK's new sister label VAWKKIN to take many photos, and studio shows are a pain to try and photograph when you're neither front row nor in the photo pit.

i did enjoy VAWK, with my favourite ensembles akin to a ninja warrior going for a cocktail (and that's right up my alley of interests). VAWKKIN, however, was a different story entirely. geared toward the professional woman who wants to transition from office to after work cocktails (says the website), i felt like it lacked a special something to make it worthy of being an addition to someone's wardrobe. the new line also employed "real" women to walk the runway in these looks, but some fit better than others..

i really liked cara cheung's collection of cocktail dresses, though obviously none of them are pictured. they went great with the faux cornrow hairstyle all the models got, and i'm hoping to perfect that look by summer. also pictured is a front row-er with the best studded shoulder capelet/caps (anyone know where it's from?), and the strangest sight i've ever seen: someone with their earbuds in, listening to music, as the show was going. so bizarre. i don't even know what to make of it. (also hey, jay!)


Friday, May 11, 2012

wmcfw: MATIS by lucian matis fall/winter 2012

love lucian matis with all my heart and thought that his main line for f/w (as always) was absolutely stunning.. but this diffusion line just wasn't for me. they're quite lovely pieces, but i can only sum it up as: i'm a bit too young to want to "relate" to it, but if i was older, i wouldn't "get" the styling of collars with wrap dresses. maybe i felt like he could do a little more, try and get on his couture level, but, you know.. conservative corporate women.

i do very much want that floppy with the shiny bow. that, and some of the digital-y prints were my highlights.

thanks to J.R. for not attending so i could! ;)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wmcfw: soia & kyo fall/winter 2012

whenever i encounter soia & kyo anything, i think of two things: a very negative part-time job experience at a luxury retail store, and winners. that aside, i quite liked the collection. enjoyed how they incorporated elbow patches, and i applaud the stylist for adding the skinny belts (pretty gold hardware, noted) around some of the jackets for a bit of olivia palermo-ness.

loved the log carriers.