Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Once Upon a Murder, or Maybe Two...

And so wraps up my interesting first year of university life, more specifically as an art student majoring in photography. I may or may not go back to it, but I present here my final production series. Shot on large format 4x5 film, I explored quite simply a series of homicides involving familiar fairy tales.

I was inspired by my interests: love for props, fairytales, murder mysteries and Criminal Minds. Offering you a glimpse into five separate, but related, crime scenes, the photos are supposed to raise questions about the events of the murders and the true nature of them. The use of fairytale characters and what you know about their stories encourage presumption and bias to your own theories.

In short, I attempted to create a series that was morbid but visually enticing, enough to allow you to create your own fairytale beginnings with what you see. More or less taken at face value, you will all be led to the same conclusion; it is the story up to it that varies from person to person.

I find this to be similar to how deaths and murders are commonly perceived. And perhaps even how mysteries are solved.

No Princess and No Pea

Hansel and Gretel Meet a Sweet Demise

Cinderella's Murder After

Run, Little Red, Run

Goldi without her Locks

After I shot this series, I came across a similar themed series called "From Enchantment to Down" shot by a French photographer named Thomas Czarnecki. It's a really interesting and modern depiction of Disney princesses....dead. Yay for killing childhood innocence. I highly recommend a look here and here. Enjoy!

Michelle, who was an amazing assistant and model
OSAP, for providing the funds for me to purchase all these things
Oakville, for providing such an amazing location
Some guy on craigslist, who sold me his mattress
The police officer who pulled up, concerned by our 401 mattress mishap
My classmates, who I cried and whined to about the assignment and helped me decide things
Mother nature, for offering the amazing weather during the Easter weekend (except for that bit of rain)
Toronto Image Works, for messing up my film. I am willing to move past it.


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Kelsey said...

Great job! This is so creative.