Monday, June 28, 2010

forever 21 twist: army brat

L-R: Militant One Shoulder Dress $33.80 CAD / Satin Military Romper $29.80 CAD / Love Army Dress $27.80 CAD

So apparently the whole military/army thing is very in right now, and why not? Great olive shades, metallics and hardware! I'm glad it's not just all camouflage prints because that would get tacky and boring in seconds. Loving this Twist collection, the dresses are gorgeous and very affordable, as are most of F21's clothing which is great since trends come and go like Canadian weather.My favourites are the one shoulder dress, the romper, and the sap greenish tulip dress.

L-R: Army Cadet Tank $15.80 CAD & Camouflage Ruffled Skirt $27.80 CAD/ Military Cadet Bubble Dress $24.80 USD / Pleated Tulip Dress $29.80 CAD

Check out the collection and tell me what you think!
Canada / United States


Monday, June 21, 2010

baby, there's a shark in the water

All this talk about the new fall trends make me sort of sad. Summer has sort of just begun, and soon it will be autumn again and it just all seems to happen so fast. I wish I lived in a neutral climate, like Los Angeles or something, where it's warm/hot year-round so I can basically wear whatever I want and not have to worry about whether or not I am going to freeze to death.

Classes are finally over! I have completed 1/2 of my exams, the next one being Wednesday. For the first time in my life I studied for a maths exam...hahaha. I think I did alright; all I want to do is pass and never take it again.

Vlada Roslyakova
Ph: Marcin Tyszka
Vogue Portugal July 2010

The H&M Fashion Against Event was great, but sadly, my camera battery died almost immediately so I didn't get any good photos! I did end up buying some things, so I'll do an outfit post soon. At the end of this month I'm heading to Faze Magazine's 10th anniversary/summer party (it's a Canadian teen magazine). Verrrrry excited, and hopefully my camera won't die on me!

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Sophie Srej
Ph: Martin Lidell
L’Officiel Russia May 2010

I love this spread. It's the perfect blend of girly, pretty, and classy (espesh the emerald one-shoulder dress). Floral and lace for this summer is such an amazing combo.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and it always comes back somehow

dress - rachael & chloe / necklace - forever 21 / swallowtail family connector ring - forever 21

Summer is my absolute favorite season, next to autumn, and I recently found this dress at Winners (a Canadian department store where higher-end clothing can be found for less) for only $20! I got a Deux Lux bag there once for only thirty bucks...was so stoked haha. It was mint and had zipper detailing; I'm not sure if UO still has it or not...

Current obsession: connector/double-finger rings. I'm really sad I lost my silver spiked Aldo ones :( Hopefully they'll turn up! I have a feeling I lost it at the 3OH!3/Cobra Starship concert though...fell out of my bag or something lame like that.

I'm looking for more blogs to read! If you want to exchange links or reccomend a blog/want me to check out yours, just leave a comment! :] Tomorrow I'm heading to H&M's Fashion Against AIDS pre-launch party downtown, verrrrry excited! Apparently it's the only store that's carrying the line in all of Canada? So crazy.