Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MAC loves lace

"Indulge in a singular new colour collection created from the haute courture's enduring obsession with the allure of fine French lace. This salon intimate colour is both delicate and bold -- boudoir intimacy combined with sophisticated evening drama. From $14. SHOP NOW."

just last post i mentioned how big lace was getting, and what do you know? MAC goes along and creates a collection dedicated to the allure of fine French lace. there are six looks already created for you by MAC, and they're versatile enough for whether you like the dramatics or not.

my favourite look is the original 'love lace' one, not only because i'm a huge sucker for anything that's within the colour range of grey to navy blue, but also since i lovelovelove the look of nude lips! the 'hypnotizing' look gives off a dreamy, flirty vibe which i am liking too.


Eye Shadows: Suave Intentions, Pincurl, Love Lace $14.50 USD

Lipstick: Pretty Please $14 USD

and since christmas is just a day away, these would also make great last-minute stocking stuffers. check out the rest of the collection!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

i want your ugly, i want your disease

between checking my facebook (farmville, anyone?) and procrastinating on my homework, i love to window-shop online. being broke and credit card-less, it's mainly for inspiration and to give myself ideas of what to look for when i do get money and want to splurge on new goodies. i've been seeing this for months and months now and certain it won't go away soon, i think it's high time i blog about it!


lace was big during the fall '08 RTW season, but it's definitely waaayyy bigger now. stores like urban outfitters and american apparel have special sections on their websites dedicated to lace for the beginning of this holiday season--claiming it to be perfect for layering. not just for bras and panties anymore, it can be seen as blouses, tanks, shorts and even on shoes, adding that extra oomph to any ensemble. i'm a big sucker for lace tights (honestly, i think they can go with just about anything if you can pull it off) and it's just so fun. here are my favourite pieces from around the www:

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Lace Bustier Dress $58 USD

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Stretch Floral Lace Bra $16 USD / $22 CAD

Topshop Lace Panel Dress by Rare $100 USD

Topshop Lurex Lace Scarf $20 USD

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Bodysuit $38 USD

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Bralette $20 USD

Urban Outfitters Cheap Monday Black Lace Tight Jean $65 USD

Nasty Gal Stylestalker One Shoulder Lace Dress $148 USD

Forever 21 Mismatch Lace Leggings $23 CAD

Forever 21 Sabiya Lace Boot $39.80 USD

personally i think the jeans are totally NOT worth the money, especially since it looks kind of tacky. i say DIY your own pair! you'll save both $$ and it will be a total original :)

now your turn: do you think lace is hot, or not?