Monday, December 16, 2013

synthesis 2013

first semester of second year is donezo. i took event planning as one of my fashion electives, and it was one interesting experience. we were given the challenge to produce an innovative and creative fashion event where we weren't allowed to use a constant light source. our solution was to create an experimental runway show and allow the audience to create their own light source with the flashes of their phones and/or cameras. it was a brilliant idea thought up by one of my classmates.

it was a very stressful semester, but a great learning experience. i was the co-lead of the education committee, and we were in charge of creating an intro video to the show, as well as the show's program booklet. i both filmed and edited the video, and i have to say, i'm pretty proud of myself for basically mastering (the basics of) premiere pro AND after effects in less than a week.

below is the end product, edited with broken VHS presets by the feedback has been great on it, so i am very thankful! i also recorded the entire show which you can see after the jump. it definitely was one of those "you should have been there" moments to experience it fully, but the flashes created such a beautiful light show. enjoy!

*credits and etc. are listed within the videos' descriptions. 



Patricia A. said...

The concept using the flashes is ingenious. And congratulations on a successful event!

xx Patricia

P.S. It seems you're getting better at everything you do and I am happy for you :-)

AVY said...

Very clever. That is something I could imagine doing for a living.