Monday, July 19, 2010

autumn anticipation

We are well nearing the end of July and it really is kind of sad. In just a few short months, the ridiculously hot and humid weather will give away to an oranges and reds on the ground and then eventually (for all you northerner's) snow. While I do love the fall, I don't love that it's one season closer to winter. And I can't ever stand winter. I'm like a bear-- all I want to do is sleep during the cold and dreary months.

But even with my strategic avoidance of viewing the Fall/Winter 2010 collections, I'm still constantly reminded that the seasons are coming, whether it be through my Refinery29 daily e-newsletters (which I recommend you subscribe to, they're super easy to read and fun) or other blogs. I can't even walk into a store now without being bombarded by knits and boots, which isn't all that bad...until I feel my wallet start calling out to these beautiful items and then I'm basically screwed.

There's still some time before I can actually walk out fully covered without maybe enjoying these F/W looks won't be so bad. Here are just a few photos to get you in the colder season's mood. It's not too much, but have I mentioned? I hold a great dislike to cold weather.

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Dolce♥Bunny said...

Haha, as you get bombared with winter clothes, down here in australia will be enlightened with summer cloths! I just want to sleep too!!!
I really like the second pictures of the poncho dress like thingy!

THanks for sharing ;)