Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and it always comes back somehow

dress - rachael & chloe / necklace - forever 21 / swallowtail family connector ring - forever 21

Summer is my absolute favorite season, next to autumn, and I recently found this dress at Winners (a Canadian department store where higher-end clothing can be found for less) for only $20! I got a Deux Lux bag there once for only thirty bucks...was so stoked haha. It was mint and had zipper detailing; I'm not sure if UO still has it or not...

Current obsession: connector/double-finger rings. I'm really sad I lost my silver spiked Aldo ones :( Hopefully they'll turn up! I have a feeling I lost it at the 3OH!3/Cobra Starship concert though...fell out of my bag or something lame like that.

I'm looking for more blogs to read! If you want to exchange links or reccomend a blog/want me to check out yours, just leave a comment! :] Tomorrow I'm heading to H&M's Fashion Against AIDS pre-launch party downtown, verrrrry excited! Apparently it's the only store that's carrying the line in all of Canada? So crazy.



f.chiu said...

such a cute dress and ring! i rarely have the patience for the searching and digging in winners lol. im from toronto too :)

SOPHIA said...

Just ran into your blog :) I hope you do a post on Fashion against AIDS, that would be neat to see.

and I love those double finger rings too I just got a cross one a while back.

fashionstoned said...

Cutee dress and loving the ring!!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

hey, was just blog hopping and stumbled onto your blog.
Such a cute blog you have!
Your new follower ;)