Tuesday, September 22, 2009

spring 2010: Luella

Was that a blast from the mid-60s or what? Lots of pastel, structured shoulders, raised waists and a sort of innocent, romantic feel. I absolutely love the heart-shaped cutouts and the boxy bags--and we can't forget the shoes! The little keychains on the bags (which correspond to the ones on some shoes), though small, are anything but subtle with the bright colours and kitschy appeal.

Someone please send me the strapless, grey polka-dotted bubble dress and the pale pink shoes. I would love you for all of eternity!


chloe said...

Luella never fails to impress me. I love the blue coat & dress, especially. And the polka dot pants! oooh, and the dress with the heart-shaped cut out. haha, I'm really in love with this collection. The proportions are great, and the colours. Definitely feeling the same mid-60s vibes as you. maybe even some 50s. :)

Juliahelmiina said...
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